Adrian Thysse Photography | About

I am a freelance photographer and writer based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

I find delight in the complexity of nature, as viewed through a macro lens. While my main focus is insects, spiders, and other invertebrates, I will also use this space to share images of the diversity of life in the habitats that sustain them: flowers, fungi, lichens, mosses and more. Most of my work is based in western Canada, and Alberta is my home-base.

The province of Alberta is unique in Canada in that it contains within its boundaries a wide variety of landscapes and habitats that provide a broad range of subject matter for the nature photographer to explore. From the northern boreal forest and lakes, the mountains in the west, the prairies to the east and the arid southern badlands; Alberta has a wealth of opportunities to discover. I explore this natural world with my camera — from vast landscapes through rural farmlands and down to the little things that rule the world.

While Alberta is my home base, I do not limit myself to this province. I do travel photography whenever possible and I am interested in projects throughout Canada.